Photos of Claddagh Scenery, Galway

The name Claddagh comes from the word "cladach" which is the irish word for stoney beach. Claddagh, appearing on records dating back to the 5th century is one of the oldest areas in Galway where fishing was the main occupation of the people who lived in this small village. The women of Claddagh brought the catch to the nearby Spanish Arch and sold it to the people of Galway City. Today with the arrival of large fishing trawlers there are only a small amount of fishermen carrying on the tradition.

The boats the locals used were the Galway Hooker, Gleoteog and Pucan which could not compete with the bigger trawlers. Claddagh was very independent and had its own laws and king. Claddagh is a very popular spot for tourists where they can enjoy the beautiful Galway Bay and take some photos of the large herd of swans who frequent the Claddagh basin . Claddagh is also well known for the internationally famous Claddagh Ring which dates back to the late 1600s.
Ship leaving Galway Docks from Claddagh

Sailing Boat landing at Claddagh Galway
The Claddagh Boat at Claddagh Galway

Mutton Island taken from Claddagh Galway

View of Galway Cathedral from Claddagh

Claddagh Pier taken from Spanish Arch

Spanish Arch and Long Walk taken from Claddagh Galway

Artist painting Claddagh scene

Scene taken from Claddagh Galway

Monument at Claddagh for fishermen who drowned

Galway Oyster Festival Marquee at Claddagh Galway

Scene at Claddagh Galway

Swans and Ducks mingle at Claddagh Galway